I had a fly away twice today attempting to run the same mission two different times, for some reason on the way to or around the first waypoint the copter would suddenly and violently attempt to take off.

1) I have GPS glitch detection and failsafe enabled, neither kicked in but I did get a message on the HUD

2) The machine loiters wonderfully even in the wind, compass and GPS seem to be working correctly in loiter.

3) I ran two very short missions Monday with no issue but I've had similar fly away issues a couple of weeks ago

In looking at the logs,

1) the TLog seems to show a violent correction THEN a GPS signal loss, hard to tell exactly because it happens fast, but that seemed to be the order.

2) the system logs show multiple GPS errors that didn't seem to show up on the HUD during setup and take off

Any help on where to look or things I might have missed would be most appreciated:

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