Was flying hovering some quick forward pushes out 20-30 feet and fast stops and the same coming  back just kind of getting used to it, 4-5 min, then stopped in hover maybe 3ft up one arm dipped down out of know were, only broke one blade. Not sure why maybe speed control cut out . Gps was locked in have a dome over electronics.

Any Ideas?   Would love to take to my field but not sure now .   

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Not enough info here to answer. You said you were flying APM, but I guess you meant ArduCopter. If so, which version.


In general, we can only analyze flight problems if you upload a log.

 Sorry Chris, 
Jakubs fiberglass frame,Arducopter control (APM,IMU,GPS,Magnetometer) no sonar yet,with latest updates 2.0.33, 4 brand new Turnigy 2217/16 1050kv,4 turnigy plush 30a  esc's. I lowered the stabilize roll & pitch P to .3 on both. 

Other then sinking speed control with TX ( did that though APM all 4 together)  are there any other program setting that should be made for speed control?  Saw in basic performance troubleshooting AC2 tweaks, my copter flies well but then dips a motor......  motors feels smooth, as far as bearings, shaft is true. could I have bin hovering to close to the ground. When you say upload a log is this information in the control board memory now since last flight or do i need a data logger? If it is still in memory were would I retrieve info? 

Steven, you're a few versions behind on the software (we're now at 2.0.36), so you should update and go through the setup process again.

As for logging, it's all built in to APM. Please see the manual here:

If the Mission Planner doesn't show logs available to be read, go to the CLI logs menu and type "dump 0". It will dump for a few minutes, then you can select all and copy and paste it into a text editor. If you save it with the extension .log you can read it and analyze it with the Mission Planner or you can zip it up and post it here. (But please don't do that until you've flown again with the latest code).

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