hello everyone, i have a quadcopter that uses APM2.6 controller and its flying manually using 4 channel RC, and i want to start flying it on missions using mission planner and xbee.

the problem is that i see everyone uses auto-stabilize and auto-trim before they start going on missions.  and my RC does not have an auto-stabilize toggle.

i have connected my xbees between my computer and the APM just as mentioned here http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/xbee-radios/

how can i start flying autonomous missions directly after connecting my Xbee's without the need to use my rc even for arming and dis-arming ?

i want to get rid of the use of the rc completely here and fly my quad only using mission planner.

thank you

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Channel 5 is used to assign flight modes to the quad copter.  Auto Mode is one these modes and it is used to fly a set of commands and waypoints that you have entered into Mission Planner and then saved to the APM. 

I know of no way to fly a mission without putting the quad copter into Auto....and for that, you need at least 5 channels.  There may be another way but I'm not aware of it.  

if you use Mission Planner (and a laptop) you can add a joystick to Misison Planner and you can extend the number of controls you have. Try a cheap wire joystick, NOT a wireless (2.4ghz).


That is good to know info....and a piece of Mission Planner I had not explored. 

keep us in contact with your progress using joystick.

i'll post all steps of work when its completely done.

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