Hello all!

It's been a long time since I've had to deal with R/C and a lot has changed in radios. I bought a pixhawk kit with a PPM encoder and a radio with the flysky fs-x8b reciever. What I'm struggling with, is connecting the flysky reciever to pixhawk...

From what I found, ppm encoders are usually connected to reciever units, but the fs-x8b supposedly has a ppm encoder built-in. That means I can connect the fs-x8b directly to the pixhawk? If so, that just leaves the question of wiring, which I'm also confused on. The fs-x8b has 4 pins: PPW, SBUS, VCC GND. From my understanding, I need a harness that connects SBUS, VCC, GND into the standard SBUS 3pin rc connector on the pixhawk?

Thanks for the help!

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  • Interesting, I'll try that when I get home. Thank you for the information!
  • And... I'm pretty sure in the Pixhawk params you need to tell it to use s-bus... but I could be wrong. Maybe somebody else could help you on that or look in the full params list for that option.
  • The X8R s-bus is horizontal... that is to say the RC servo cable is using the 3 pins laying flat not upright.
  • I have my pixhawk connected to my X8R directly from the X8R s bus to the 'RCIN' on the last set of pins on the Pixhawk. It's sort of confusing you do not connect it to the sbus on the pixhawk.
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