Is there a problem with GRID V2? I cant get it to fill in the polygon, it only does a few points then returns home. GRID (V1) works fine...

Post with pictures showing what I mean:

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Is there anybody that can confirm that GridV2 does or does not fill in the polygon??

It fills the polygon for me (Mission Planner1.2.47) and it adds shutter triggers (DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL).



why on earth would it only add the 1st 3 waypoints for me, then return home? I wish a dev would reply or assist. its like pulling teeth to get some help in here sometimes :P

Rich, are you flying arduplane or arducopter? Im beginning to think its an arduplane bug.

Hi Matt, I'm using Arduplane. In the absence of actual technical knowledge all I can suggest is you update or try reverting to an earlier version of Mission Planner and see if GridV2 works.

GridV2 has never worked since I setup this unit. That was at Arduplane 2.70...



Can anybody advise on this? Im stuck, unable to do the simplest mapping mission because it only fills in a few waypoints.

Why not use GridV1 then?

because Grid v1 does not automatically populate the trigger command. When I have close to 100 trigger points, it is very time consuming in the field to manually add them. Make sense?

Grid V2 works perfect on Mission Planner 1.2.50.  I had some issues updating from 1.2.47. So i did a clean install.

Matt, ive read most of your posts regarding triggering. Iam not an expert nor i use it, BUT! I think you have mastered the Arduplane flight and now you are stacked with these do commands for the everending searching for perfection/timing.

What i really mean is. Do you really need triggering for mapping? 

Supposed devs-you-me fixes the code, what is the advantage in precision? IMHO more failure points, more latency between commant-clik-shutter etc.

New imagine/photogrammetry softwares, doesnt need coords, imu data, even straight down photos! You just drop your SD card in and they do the magic.. 

Keep it simple, try something like intervals. It always pays back! 

Best Regards


one concern about using an intervalometer through CHDK is the variation in speed with an upwind leg vs a downwind leg. I noticed during a flight this past weekend, when flying upwind the plane traveled at 27mph ground speed, but downwind it was doing almost 47mph. If Im shooting at, lets say, 6 second intervals, Im going to have an overlapping problem on that downwind leg, as Ive only shot half the photos vs the upwind leg.


Now if I can trigger on waypoints, its going to shoot the position I request regardless of groundspeed of the airplane.


Another concern is having too many photos. With waypoint triggering, I setup beforehand in the MP and have lets say 100 trigger points. I know when I land I will have 100 photos to stitch. But with an intervalometer, I could have 200 photos (hypothetical) when I only needed 100. Im at the whim of the flight time.

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