For Sale: 3DR X8 Multirotor RTF, lighlty used


I have for sale a lightly used 3DR X8 (original model) with APM 2.6.  I have used it only a hand full of times, mostly with a camera strapped on the bottom, taking aerial images of crops for agricultural use.  This unit has never been crashed, although it had a couple hard landings.  I have moved up to a more efficient fixed wing for my mapping missions, so this one is not needed anymore.  I will send pictures to anyone interested.  Lots of extra parts.  Well over $1700 new including all batteries and extras.  

Will sell to buyer with best offer.  Will ship anywhere in continental US for free.


(1) X8 RTF kit, assembled, lightly used, with APM 2.6

(2) 4200 mah 3S batteries

(2) 900 mah 3S batteries, never used

(2) 6000 mah 4S Nanotech batteries, never used

(10) XT60 connectors (to rewire nanotech batteries to match X8 connectors)

(1) FlySky radio transmitter/receiver (US)

(1) Tenergy TB6B Balancing charger

(1) different set of landing gear from hobbyking

(6) 10x4.7 spare propellers

(1) spare parts kit (motor, legs, esc's, etc)

(1) 5.8 gHz video transmitter/receiver

(1) gentWIRE USB2 control cable for canon camera control

(1) imax B3 charger

(1) FPV camera mounted on frame

**I also have 2 Canon camera's as well, these are not included but could be sold also with the X8.  One is modified to capture NIR,G,B images.



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    • The main reason I moved to a fixed wing was just to get more capacity, as far as flight times and acres covered.  I will be flying this as a service as soon as FAA gets their act together and just wanted something that I could cover more ground with.  The X8 was very stable and took some good pictures, but just wouldn't cover as many acres as I wanted.  Yes, battery life was the issue.  Like I said above, I have two brand new larger capacity batteries to go with the kit, but have never even used them yet to see what the flight times would be.  

  • i would like to see more photos if you have some available.  also let me know the working order and condition of the components as well as the cameras. thanks

    • The X8 is working fine.  It has been a while since I flew it, but I am pretty sure I had the USB camera trigger function working as well (that is the purpose of the USB cable in the pictures).  The propellers have a few scuffs on them and the radio controller has one small scratch in the screen, but everything works fine.  The camera's are in great shape.  I actually have not even flown with the RGB camera.  My original intent was to fly both camera's at once so I could get RGB and NIR, but due to the low flight times, I never pursued that goal.  As I mentioned above, several of the batteries are brand new, never used.  The chargers work great.  The gentWIRE cable is actually brand new and never used.  I bought it thinking I was going to need it, and then found a discussion on hear showing how you can use just a regular USB cable for the camera trigger.  Here are some more pictures.  Feel free to ask anything else.

      2014-09-16 08.17.10.jpg

      2014-09-16 08.18.10.jpg

      2014-09-16 08.19.24.jpg

  • Which Canon cameras and how was the NIR mod done?  What kind of flight times were you getting on the X8?

    • I was using the Canon SX260.  I have one that is not modified.  The other was modified by removing the IR filter and putting in a Schott BG3 filter I purchased from Event38.

      With the single 4200 mah battery, flight times were around 8 minutes.  With dual 4200 mah batteries, the flight time went up to about 10-12 minutes.  My plan was to start using the new 6000 mah batteries, but I did not get the chance to try those out.  All flight times listed are with the camera attached to the vehicle.  The camera's include scripts for intervalometer and also trigger control. 

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