Selling my modified DJI s1000 with DJI A2 flight controller and Futaba TS14G radio remote control. I personally disassembled and rebuilt this UAV with custom parts including an improved center board to increase stiffness and reduce vibration. I have replaced the landing gear with longer legs to allow enough clearance for the MOVI which is attached using the FreeFly Toad-in-the-Hole quick release mount. I have flown this craft in 10-15 knot winds and achieved beautiful, steady footage. 

The MOVI m5 which I use is not included, unless you really want the full package at replacement cost (around $4,800 for MOVI m5 and quick release hardware and tax). I can include the DI AVL-58 video transmitter (standard def) for $250.

This is a READY-TO-FLY package. I use it with my Sony a7s but it will work great with any DSLR or camera mounted to the MOVI. This is probably the cheapest way to get airborne with a professional, octo mult-rotor. 

I'm looking for about $5,000 for the setup which also includes a TON of extra parts and pieces. If you want to get airborne with a MOVI m5 quickly - this is the way to do it.

This footage was all shot with this setup:

Aerial Collection from dylanglockler on Vimeo.

Clips shot using the DJI s1000 modified to support the Freefly Systems MOVI m5


Footage of the aircraft in-flight:

DJI S1000 With Movi M5 from dylanglockler on Vimeo.

s1000 Photo.jpg

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  • I'm interested
  • Price drop to $4,000 obo

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