We are selling this X-UAV Talon Max airframe.

Asking price: USD$1,200  / AUD$1,500 (plus shipping)

Location: Perth, Western Australia.

(We purchased for USD$2,333 from manufacturer).

Purchased directly from X-UAV approx 18 months ago and we have never touched it. We had planned to set it up as a long endurance survey UAV, but we don't have the time or skills to develop it. Our business does a lot of aerial surveying for the mining industry with fixed-wing UAV's and although this one is not sexy, this would have to be one of the best airframes I've seen - it's super tough, has loads of room for avionics and payload, provides easy access to all components, and it easy to assemble/disassemble.

It is made from what X-UAV call "new material"...no idea what the hell that actually means...but it is certainly extremely tough! Some kind of high density foam...but still lightweight.

This is suited to hand-launch and either belly or parachute land. It has a dedicated parachute bay. It is essentially a blank canvas - able to be set up to suit your application and environment.


Airframe weight: 1.87 kg

Wingspan: 2.2m

Length: 1.04m

MTOW range: 3 to 5kg

(X-UAV have other info and illustrations on their website, including suggested battery, motor, ESC, servos, etc: http://www.x-uav.cn/en/content/?382.html)

I have a lot of photos. Get in touch if you'd like further info.


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I wrote you a PM but got no answer.

Can you make an invoice ?

How big is the airplane box ?


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