FoxTech Kraken K130 Octocopter ready to fly system with brushless DSLR gimbal.

I am shutting down my aerial business in Ontario Canada and looking to sell off all my equipment. I built this copter for my business this spring to use but because of recent developments in my life I have decided to shut down my aerial business. The copter is test flown and ready to start filming aerials.

System Information:

Kraken K103 Octocopter frame (Foldable)

DJI A2 flight controller

8x 40 amp ESC’s

8x 5010 brushless motors

18” blades with two extras

Quick release blade mounts

retractable landing gear

3x 22.2v 8000Mah 35c Lipo batteries

Spektrum DX8 radio system for pilot

Spektrum DX6i radio for camera operator

StableGimbal DSLR brushless gimbal system mountable

DSLR gimbal can be run handheld or mounted to the copter

2x Lipo batteries for gimbal system

5.8ghz video transmitter with whip antennas

Ground Station with 7” Liliput monitor and tripod

2x lipo batteries for ground station

2x carrying cases for batteries and ground station

You can check out FoxTech’s website for more information on the Kraken K130 Octocopter and for more info on the DSLR gimbal system.

Contact for price

Kraken K103 FoxTech.jpg

Kraken K130 FoxTech 002.jpg

Kraken K130 FoxTech 003.jpg

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  • Hi

    Cant buy I already have a K130 also. :)
    Its very sweet and can lift a lot.

    Tho its size and power made me buy a iris first to practice on haha.

    Anyone interested should read this thread:

    Its long but there is lots of useful info and some nice photos/videos of them in action

    And if bought it would pay to let Fu (foxtech guy...username glassfox on that thread) know ownership has changed since they have been supporting it with free delivery of updated pieces where a fault is discovered.

    Good luck


  • A couple questions......

    Why are you getting out of the business?

    Did you fly anything other than the K130? Do you recommend the K130, or do you have a different preference?

    • I have decided to move to Australia to work for a production company so I am selling off almost everything from my business as I can't take it all with me.

      I use to fly the CineStar 8 copter. It was a good copter for DSLR shooting but It was always being pushed beyond it's limits a bit. The K130 in my opinion is one of the best frame designs on the market right now. It's a very robust and strong copter to use to lift a heavy payload. It fly's amazing with the DJI A2 system as well. I had planed on using the copter this year for filming here in Ontario but I recently decided to move to Australia because of developments in my own life and I need to move on.

      The copter is posted for $11,000 because that's what's into the system as it sits but I am willing to accept reasonable offers.

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