FPV discussion - transmitters, receivers, etc.

I was surprised that there is no specific category for the subject of FPV, so I am using Aerial Photography instead.  I am interested in aerial video recording, but need to have a FPV as well.  I hoped there would be a camera that could do both, something that could record and output real time video that could be transmitted at the same time.  The other option is two cameras.  I would like to hear comments on that, but my real question is I was hoping to get some comments on a good light weight transmitter/receiver/cables bundle.  I am leaning towards the 5.8GHz frequency since it seems to be the most open.  Why 5.8GHz?  Here are some of the thoughts on why to use this:

-The distance for my application would be 2km or less, so I believe that should just fall within the 5.8GHz limits.  

-can be used in Europe and the US

-5.8GHz has a lower noise floor

-more channels than lower frequencies

-antennas are much smaller and lower weight, this will help flight time for my quad copter

From what I read, circular polarization is a must for the antennas, but which ones?  Does anyone have any insight?  Is there anything else I should consider or maybe something I misspoke about above?  I am open on price and definitely would be willing to spend more money if there is a better bundle of components.

Also, if anyone does know of a good camera they use for FPV and video recording that would be great too!!!



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  • Most people want 2 cameras because the one that needs quality shot is on the gimbal, and the one you want to fly with is your smaller camera with the OSD for your data.

    But if all you want is one use the fatshark and a portable recorder

    here are some recorders


    There are many cameras that have great quality you can change the one that it comes with, or you can use a GoPro and feed it into the fatshark system

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