FPV kit for Arducopter


I would like to fly FPV with goggles with my Arducopter. I would like to be able to use my GoPro camera as video input (as now the GoPro firmware update allows that..).

However, I am a bit lost with all possible combinations.

My arducopter is controlled via a 2.4GHz radio, and living in Switzerland, only a 5.8 GHz Tx/Rx combination for my FPV is imaginable (or, differently said, is not against law...).

I was thinking about getting a RTF kit, and found the Predator set at Hobbyking (i.e. goggles the FatShark predator set from Hobbyking (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__20672__Fat_Shark_Predator_RTF_FPV_Headset_System_w_Camera_and_5_8G_TX_.html), but I read that the FOV of the goggle is a bit small (20° only), has anyone experience with this product ? What  range should I expect, 250m or more...or less ?

But then, what is the difference with this kit (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__15126__FatShark_5_8Ghz_Telemetry_System_Incl_Tx_Rx_.html) ?

Lastly, are there other RTF kits I should consider ?

Thanks to all !


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  • Thanks Geir ! No-one else using a 5.8GHz Fatshark FPV combo with a GoPro ?

    FOV is certainly something I have to consider... Another thing is the allowed Tx power for Switzerland, it seems that max is 25mW.....well...anyone having experience with such limited power ?

  • Funny you should ask this now, I have just received my goggles for the same purpose (the second kit you mention). Waiting for the RCV922 cam though.

    I see that the predator glasses has a FoV of 25 degrees, while the Dominator (if I remember name correctly) has 40 degrees, so that should make a difference. Also the included cam in the Predator set is CMOS which could cause "jelly-effect" on a frame with vibrations. THE RCV 922 cam is CCD and should not do this as it scans the frame all together and not line by line. Otherwise the Predator has head-tracking which seems nice.

    Good luck! (and too me as well :))


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