Hello !


I'm building a "small" quadcopter (330 mm) and I'm looking for a FPV system. For me the DJI lightbridge was a good solution with a Zenmuse X3 but the system is to closed (work only with DJI flight controller and frame). 


Do you know a system that can satisfy those requirement?


  • Take HD picture and save it
  • Take HD video and save it 
  • Transfer image from the camera to the operator (FPV), if it's possible in HD
  • Range 300m
  • All the material has to be the smallest


A cheap way is to use a xiaomi Yi camera (to record and save picture/video) and transmit the image with an analog transmitter. 


So if you know good system that can help me, please share :)


I wish you a merry christmas ;) 


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Check out Wifibroadcast or EZ-Wifibroadcast. You will need to spend at least 50 dollars for a RApberry Pi Zero and camera, an RPI 2 or 3,  at least 2 wifi dongles usinf Ralink or Atheros chipsets, and two micro SD cards.  Currentlly latency is 100-120 ms and range is up to you.  It's pretty easy to set up and will send 720P vidoe easily. Working on full 1080p and less latency all the time.


Hello David,

thank's for your answer. It seems very good ! I will read the post.

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