I have the APM 1 with ATMega 1280 and a complete shield with gps and magnetometer. Because the latest versions dont support the 1280, i am going to upgrade my hardware. Is the APM 1 with 2560 fully supported by the new versions (2.5 and higher) or should i choose the new APM 2? If the functions is the same, i think its waste of money, or?Thankfull for any advice,Mikael

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  • I have the exact same problem... I don't have the money to buy a APM2 now, I was waiting for this v2.5.5 to hopefully fix my flipping problem. I fear now that all future developments will be for the APM2, and that I will have to buy one otherwise I will be stuck on this code. I think in the Mission planner you should choose which APM you have and it gives you either the code optimised for your APM. 

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