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Hi guys,

So I have a working quad with an Frsky D4R-II receiver talking to an Frsky DJT transmitter. I'm using the receiver in the RC port on a pixracer running PX4. 

I've been flying for a year or so now but I inherited the setup from a quad enthusiast friend of mine and now that I'm trying to move to an Frsky V8R4-II I've realized I don't understand Frsky at all. I've been unable to find anything helpful online besides the inadequate "user manual" from Frsky. 

My current status is that I can pair my transmitter and receiver but as far as I can tell the receiver won't communicate with the autopilot (pixracer) or show up on my ground station (QGroundControl). I can't figure out if I'm using the wrong port on the pixracer (there is also an Frsky port) or if PX4 doesn't support this receiver or if I'm in a wrong mode somehow.

Does anyone have a similar setup or can someone point me to the mythical online documentation that will actually help?


Brandon Robinson

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