Hello guys! 
I've got a FlySky FS-IA6B receiver and pixhawk lite flight controller. I'd like to know, are they compatible with each other? If yes, how can I connect them right? I assume that I need to plug it like on these images (green GND, red VCC, Blue Signal) I'd like to know, if I;m connecting them right?
Why I need it? Today, I have tried connect it like this. However, the red LED blinked for about a half of a second ( and It was very dim). And that's all. Then, I've tried an enormous amount of different connecting configurations (without reverse voltage connection, of course), but they did'n help me :(
So, I want to know - if it is a problem with my receiver, and I should repair it or buy a new one, or I connected it wrong, and may be I still need to repair it or buy a new one)))
Please, help me!
Thank you very much for your attention!))

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