Full Setup for Phantom Vision 2 with Camera

I'm trying to figure out components I need for a setup to use for creating orthomosaics and also doing photogrammetry calculations with the Phantom Vision 2. I'm also planning on getting a camera such as the Samsung NX 1000 that someone recommended in these forums, particularly for imagery(for orthos and DEMs) and not video. I might even try my GoPro for testing before getting a nicer camera.

Some questions I have:

1. Should I get a gimbal for the camera attachment?

2. How do I georeference the pictures that are taken by the camera? Maybe the DJI iOSD mini /datalink has something to do with this? I plan on getting GCP's, but would like to have the photos to be geotagged or at least have points associated with them.

3. How do I make a camera take a picture every N seconds or at certain locations? I'm not sure how the camera will hook up.

4. (Bonus) Any recommendations for multispectral sensors?

Any other advice is appreciated! Thanks!!!

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  • Greetings,

    1) I acquired a fixed mount for this purpose. Orthophotos should be shot horizontal to the surface. 

    2) I am using GCPs quite successfully, but I have access to a high quality GPS unit so can get very good accuracy. Feeding the GPS data from the DJI to the camera would be nice.
    3) I just have it take a picture every 3 seconds while flying at 300 feet AGL and < 10 mph. This gives me the appropriate coverage.
    4) Check out Event 38 or Aeromao's sites for some good options.


    • Thanks for the input David, I really appreciate it!

      1. I understand how ortho's work, but I know that the roll/pitch/yaw of the quadcopter doesn't always provide a 90 degree angle with the ground, thus the question. I'm assuming you're doing well without one.

      2. From what I'm reading, it sounds like most people have a hard time getting accurate GPS signals from drones given the speed and low quality of the GPS receiver. I imagine a separate higher quality GPS receiver could be somehow paired with a camera, but I guess I'll just have to work with GCPs.

      3. Thanks for the details. I imagined this would be the case. I need to look into potential cameras more.

      4. Great, Thanks!!


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