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Came across this video. This is taken by MotherboardTV and features drone applications by military and hobbyists spanning from Europe to Middle east to USA. It talks head-on about the issues with drones and niceties of having one by your side.


The Aeryon Quadcopter much talked about nowadays whopping is USD 60,000 $ and compared to a build yourself drone such as from 3D Robotics is hard to differentiate running on autopilot. The price of latter being sub 1,000 $. With the other multinational companies aiming future of drones, we have Chris Anderson (Founder, 3D Robotics) along with other members from 3D Robotics feature in this interview.


Posting it here as it is fun to watch and having being associated with the community for long I am happy to share it with others.


Watch it here: 



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  • Nice video and the drone is great.

    They really upgraded the drones for their most suitable job.

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    Not seeing a working link Shyam

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