hi i am new her

i am very interested in a gas powered long range UAV

the rc plane i would buy, would be this one click here

i have heard a lot of comments about the vibration of the camera i figured something out already

now the thing is that i want it to transmit live video on a long range i figured

one of those long range transmitters click here  the transmitters are big so it will be hard to put it in the

RC plane so i thought i might buy a smaller transmitter a stronger receiver with an antenna 

the only problem now would be the range

is there a long range RC transmitter or  an alternative

please help really want to build it

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A Yak is designed for 3D flight, highly manoeuvrable and aerobatic. IMO not a good choice for apm.

A better choice, if you really want giant scale, nitro powered, would be this. High wing trainer-type design.

The vibrations from glow powered, single piston engines causes trouble with accelerometer and gyros. To my knowledge no one has come up with an affordable vibration dampening method that is applicable with the sensors of APM in the scale of airframe that most people fly.

yeah i saw that one too i t a 100 cc thank for the advice

about the vibration i have this idea  a shock mount with a compression spring it will still vibrate but the vibrations are softer so it wont be so annoying

thanks tho

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