Hi, can anyone give me some guidance regarding my project? i have a x-cell gasser heli 700mm, all the info that i have found on the forums/google etc. all point to a flybarless electric heli which doesnt have throttle controls, where as i require a throttle control linked with pitch control,

any guides etc will be appreciated, please be advised, i have no coding experinced at all on arduino.

kind regards


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Thanx, but that guide doesnt support my configuration, no support for throttle.

thanx for your responses, but  have no help to me, as i have followed all the wiki's and they too dont help. i  require APM2 to control the throttle on the gasser motor (servo) not esc. as i am not using a electric heli, and my heli will be out of radio range to fly solo missions. so the throttle cant be connected directly to the rx

here are other discussions with more details



electric helis have throttle control also. Your throttle is controlled direct by the RC not through the AP, the pitch goes thru the AP.

Go to


Please people, please read my requested info before answering. as it is a frustration everyone pointing to the same howto, which DOES NOT provide the info i require.

The current howto's show the throttle connected directly to the RX which will NOT work in my configuration.

1. APM2 - MUST control the throttle response to servo's as it will be 100% autonomous.

2. Heli has a mechanical mixing swash plate, and NOT the CCPM.

I'm not sure if the APM2 supports your swash type, I doubt it.

The APM2 - MUST NOT control the throttle. Just use a Governor and / or the RC to have a constant had speed. Use the fail save fuction for the throttle  (Keep the throttle while out of range).


      This will almost undoubtedly require a code change.  Robert Lefebvre has been adding code to control an electric ESC.  Obviously it's not exactly the same (hence the code change) but it'll be close.  I think he's using channel 5.


I see what you are getting at , for an easy way out do what Manfred said, set your failsafe to go to mid throttle, test this using a servo, use a Governor, then when it goes out or range the throttle will still be controlled by the governor holding your rpm. 

Although this is not a good idea, as you will have no failsafe if it all goes wrong.

The xcell spectra G uses CCPM mixing on the swash plate, There is no pitch servo, all 3 servos move the swash plate. +/- collective, 


Trevor, the Arducopter system can control both CPPM and H1 swash plates.  You MUST follow the Wiki on how to set up the swashplate.  

Do you have CPPM or H1?  Previously you said H1, but Malcolm says it's CPPM.  Which is it?

Arducopter cannot control the throttle on gas heli at this time.  It cannot.  Period.

I am working on throttle control, and I almost have it working for anything with a governor.  You will need a throttle governor.  I'm also working on a simple 3-point curve for non-governed helis, but it's still a little ways off.

Hi Robert,

H1 (Mechanical mixing) X-cell Pro II Graphite Gasser with Flybar .approx 7yrs old , this is not the Spectra G.

how would i setup the "with Govenor" in terms of wiring.

could you please give an updated proposed drawing/wiring diagram.

thanx in advance

Is the throttle control on a gas heli different than just a regular servo?  I've never had a gas heli so I have no idea actually.  Does it try to maintain a certain RPM?

A gas helicopter can either use an RX to governor to servo, or RX to Servo.

If you dont use a governor then you have to setup throttle curves to pitch curves in the TX, ie the more collective you apply the more throttle. the idea is you try and mechanically tune the headspeed to collective, to achieve a constant RPM.

With the governor this is all done for you, much the same as an electric heli.

A magnet is mounted on the engine cooling fan, the governor controls the carburetor servo holding the engine at a constant RPM. Which in turn holds the Headspeed.

I use a Governor, its really the only way to do it with the APM. ie in ALTHOLD the apm controls the collective, the governor automatically adjusts the RPM as the torque is applied  

All you need to do is buy a governor, i use Futaba GV-1 but there are plenty others out there, Plug the governor into the Receiver and the throttle servo into the governor. Thats pretty much it. 

I believe that robert has written the code for H1 but he will be able to answer better than me. :)

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