Gasser Heli setup

Hi, can anyone give me some guidance regarding my project? i have a x-cell gasser heli 700mm, all the info that i have found on the forums/google etc. all point to a flybarless electric heli which doesnt have throttle controls, where as i require a throttle control linked with pitch control,

any guides etc will be appreciated, please be advised, i have no coding experinced at all on arduino.

kind regards


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  • One of the purposes of my heli build is to be used in a search & rescue out at sea where due to circumstances rtl is always changing so the heli would need to be given commands via MP where to RTL. wind and weather conditions change continuously here off the south african north coast.

  • OK.

    Trevor, the Arducopter system can control both CPPM and H1 swash plates.  You MUST follow the Wiki on how to set up the swashplate.  

    Do you have CPPM or H1?  Previously you said H1, but Malcolm says it's CPPM.  Which is it?

    Arducopter cannot control the throttle on gas heli at this time.  It cannot.  Period.

    I am working on throttle control, and I almost have it working for anything with a governor.  You will need a throttle governor.  I'm also working on a simple 3-point curve for non-governed helis, but it's still a little ways off.

  • electric helis have throttle control also. Your throttle is controlled direct by the RC not through the AP, the pitch goes thru the AP.

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