Hi guys, this is my first post and first let me say "Thanks" to this community being such a great resource. I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer to regarding GCS Failsafe behavior. 

The documentation says that the various GCS Failsafe options will cause the plane to enter a Long Failsafe when communication is lost with GCS. I'd like to keep the Long Failsafe Action set to "Continue" so that if I enter a "Guided Mode" point on the map and out fly my RC control, the plane will continue to the waypoint. This would also allow missions outside of RC control range. I foresee an issue where the "Guided mode" waypoint is outside of the GCS radio range. If losing communication with the GCS causes a Long Failsafe, (which is set to "continue") then the plane will continue to the Guided Mode waypoint and loiter there until it falls. What am I missing here?

Here's my desired failsafe behavior

1. In Manual or a Stabilized mode, Throttle Failsafe triggers RTL.

2. In an Auto or Guided mode, Throttle Failsafe continues the mission.

3  GCS Failsafe always triggers RTL regardless of mode.

Is this possible?


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Hi Gents. I bench tested this tonight with some unsettling results. When Throttle Failsafe is set to "continue" (it's default) and the user selects "Fly to Here" in Mission Planner, the plane will stay in "Guided" mode after a throttle failsafe, as expected. If GCS Failsafe is also enabled, and you induce a GCS fail safe, the plane will still continue in "Guided" mode. I guess before you click "Fly to Here" you better be sure that your ground station radio has enough range. Otherwise the plane will Loiter outside of both RC and GCS communication range. I suppose you could get physically closer to reestablish control, but that might not always be feasible.  

How is everyone else doing this? If you are using a long range telemetry solution like the RFD900 with a standard RC radio, I think you'd want to continue the mission even if the RC is lost, but RTL if the telemetry link is lost. Again, I think I must be missing something....


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