Text Missing Line Terminator #if GPS_PROTOCOL != 3


In my copy of 2.6 I have added the line in bold below.


It is minor but makes it easier to read the telemetry in custom ground stations and also appears to be consistent with the other GCS serial packets in GCS_ArduPilot_Text.pde


 Serial.print (",RLL:");
 Serial.print (",PCH:");
 if (GPS_PROTOCOL == 3) {


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  • Hi Tim,

    There doesn't appear to be an GCS_ArduPilot_Text.pde in the latest AP 2.6 code.

    Also the code you posted looks odd as there is an:
    #if GPS_PROTOCOL != 3
    if (GPS_PROTOCOL == 3) {
    The compiler will only add those lines if GPS_PROTOCOL != 3 so the if (GPS_PROTOCOL == 3) test must always be false.
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