Which software are people using to stitch geo referenced images together in order to get a scaled overall image?

I have seen how to insert the geo tags into the images here >> http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/Geotagging

Microsoft ICE and Photoshop can stitch images but are there any programs which will take the geo tag into account while doing this?


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There is an online service called dronemapper - I believe if you upload geo-referenced pictures, they are stitched together automatically, you then get an orthorectified image, and a mosaic. Haven't used the service myself though, I am still using ICE, it's pretty accurate for my needs.

Dronemapper is definitely the best bet for reasonably priced geo-referenced image processing.

How about agisoft photoscan software.the price quite reasonable.

Thanks for the suggestions, was hoping i could download software to do it but i will give dronemapper a try!

Have you looked at auto pano gigs. Currently trialling it, check out the 7000px I uploaded on my page. There is a free trial. About £200 for a license
I'm using spherical, I believe you will get curved projections if the images are taken on oblique angles. Or maybe the software isn't good enough, should do geo though

Autopano Giga also works pretty well but it's just stitching the images together. That's enough for some people. DroneMapper and Agisoft Photoscan both do corrections (called ortho-rectification) that make each image look as though it was taken straight down as if from a satellite. They also are able to georeference the results so that you can measure things, which I wouldn't try to do with a stitched image from Autopano Giga.

Also just discovered some software called pix4d, not sure of price though, no prices displayed on the website. Also what camera are you using? I've had trouble linking the images to the flight path using the APM geo tagging tool, i was thinking of buying a Canon sx230 hs as it has a built in GPS so images would be geotagged automatically.

Canon SX230 HS has been superseded by the newer Canon SX260 HS:


Higher zoom, flash doesn't pop up as annoyingly as it does on the 230, and the DIGIC 5 image processor corrects automatically for lens distortion at all zoom levels, useful for aerial mapping.

While the 260 does have GPS, you'll get infinitely better results with ground control points - set up large markers on the ground that will be visible in your photos, get accurate positions for them, then use them to calibrate your photos.

Have you seen this: http://mapknitter.org/

Pix4d is pretty much the same thing as DroneMapper but quite a bit more expensive. They don't seem to be rolling out new features like DM either.

SX260 HS has only alpha builds of CHDK available, not sure how reliable they will be


Dronemapper may seems the best option at this moment with very reasonable charges. Pix4d is much more expensive. I will not consider stand alone software for geo reference work. They all expensive, several thousand USD for some and the hard ware requirement is way beyond our dairy computer configuration. You need a purpose build computer, 32GB of RAM to start with which will cost a fortune. 

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