Geo tagging aerial film footage.

Hi. It's my first post & discussion starting. Sorry if it's not the proper way.
What i'm looking for is to film downwards with my drone and be able to to establish the precise earth location of any specific frame of the taken film.
Does anybody know which would be the HW &/or SW I'd be needing?

Many thanks.


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  • What would be your capture frame rate? I don't think its quite possible to get coordinates of each frame if you are shooting a 30fps video. I think the technology exists but it would be ridiculously expensive.

  • I use Race Render 3 to match the video with the GPS log.  In your case you could have the coordinate displayed in the corner of the video.  Depends on what you need the end result to be.

    RaceRender 3 Video+Data by HP Tuners | Features
    Overlay GPS Telemetry and Other Data onto Your Videos! Use Multiple Cameras, 4K, 360 Video, and PC or Mac!
  • -  The Red Hen Systems VMS333 or the Hummingbird DOLLY can help you.

    The generalized term for your interest is SPOI for sensor point/perimeter of interest.  There is a one hertz GPS and IMU process that can be found on Android Play Store as MediaMapper Mobile...   The Hummingbird DOLLY is a high frequency GPS and 9df IMU that can match the camera dynamics.  The SPOI intersection to Google Earth Pro uses the USDoD NGA World Elevation Model for this reference.  If more accuracy is required we have the Red Hen DMRT EX that includes laser range finder of 1,500 meters to one that will shoot our to 7,000.

  • Check out Red Hen Systems

    Not cheap, but does exactly what you are looking for

    Red Hen Systems, LLC-Geospatial media mapping technology/Geotag videos and photos with GPS
    Our realtime geotagging software and hardware adds GPS coordinates to videos and photos of your data collections and maps it in ESRI and Google Earth.
    • Troy, many thanks.
      Looks promising & free to try. I'll see if it's worth the price.

  • Hello,

    I don't know how to create a georeferenced video file, I have not seen such application yet. But you are most probably referring to a georeferenced mosaic that you can create from a set of systematically fired shots through some intervalometer device, CHDK script or internal camera feature. In that case all you need is a camera that can do this and a drone (fixed downward position for a fixed-wing or downward looking gimbal for multirotor) and a Pixhawk with GPS. After the flight you can take a gps positions from a flight log and geotag images taken from camera. Then by using some photogrammetric SW like Photoscan you can create a georeferenced mosaic that can be exported to Google Earth or any true GIS SW for a review or further analysis. So first plan a mission for systematic mapping : , execute the mission, geotag images and create a georeferenced mosaic and export the mosaic to GE KML or any GIS format like TIFF that you can open with QGIS for e.g..

    Second alternative is more easy and not very common: Record a video file and use a pushbroom method for a map creation using I have not tested this method but it looks much more easy to do. The only problem might be with proper geotagging of such result map. And to be honest it's more likely to have worse results than using the previous common mapping method.

    Choice is yours.


    • Hi Michal.

      What I actually do is described in your first paragraph.

      What i'n looking for is to film a piece of land/city or whatever and afterwards be able to, while playing the footage on my PC, be able to establish lat & long of any given frame.

      Apparently the Aeriality is capable. Just visited their web. I'll come back and tell U.

      Thanks a lot.


      • Well if you can geotag each frame from a typical 24-50fps video, then good luck ! I think the gps logging is 10Hz max so you will most likely miss some frames anyway. If Aeriality can do that, that's a question worth investigation.. Good luck.

        • Yes Michal, know it's kind of hard.

          Actually I'm looking for at least to be able to establish an area as small as posiible.

          Thanks again.

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