I believe fence or geofence to be one of the most amazing, useful safetly features of this firmware.

Thanks for everyone's hard work to make this possible!

With fence on,

Now, when the the target altitude is reached (or breached) the copter enters into RTL mode.

It used to just STOP and not go any higher.

When did this change? what firmare?

Can there be an option to turn this back on, if not, where exactly is the code where the change occured.

Also, would it be hard to write the code to have the multicopter just "STOP" and not PASS the fence instead of RTL in the horizontal fence breach also?



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    • Hi Randy thanks for your prompt reply.

      Yes, I fly mainly quads.

      I am so happy to hear that there are plans in the pipeline to have the option to STOP instead of RTL in the horizontal fence breach. There are some many awesome uses for this feature.

      Currently I am using and testing ArduCopter Quad v3.3-dev 09-18-14 10-09 (one of yours)

      commit b552479e31b02a0136c0756e3ec04681d9a976a1

      It has been flawless in everything that I tested so far. No baro errors, no false desperity warnings, all flight modes very accurate to its intended purpose, precise RTL and smooth auto landings every time, etc.

      Except, the fence behavior that activated RTL on altitude breach. I double checked the logs hoping it was a RTL prompted by something else such as radio link lost or low battery but it wasn't.

      I will try again with the same exact firmware version on another quad. (I do not have the log for that flight because I do not have that particular quad any more; I should have saved the log)

      Then I will also try the fence/altitude on a newer firmware version.

      So....this altitude fence feature has not changed by design? Thats good to know....I wonder what happened then?

      I will test the above again and report soon.

      Thanks again for yours and the rest of the teams time and dedication!!!!!!!!!!!

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