I have a question about geofencing to set up?

I have set fence-action to 1

and set the fence -chanel to 5 with is a spare chanel .

but as soon as i triger geofence on my radio i have no authority over my servos no control.

when i switch off control is back.

im i missing something?

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Is there really no one that can answer me.
One thing i can tell about this forum not much activity all people have questions but not much answers.

On the openpilot forum witch is much smaller community you can be asure to get a answer.

If you started "outside" the fence when you turned it on, then it immediately goes to GUIDED mode to go back to the starting point. Did you define your fence coordinates correctly? Do you have GPS lock when you turn it on?

   Openpilot has much better forum software.  They use IP Board which is ranked #2.  Here they use "ning" which isn't even ranked in the top 35.  If anyone kept track of such things I'd bet that it would be ranked in the high 80s, maybe not even in the top 100.

   People there actually like using the forum because the software is great.  Here people only use this forum because they have to, so you don't get many willing to suffer through it for long enough to be helpful.  This joke of a forum software also makes it very hard to see replies to your own threads, let alone follow anything else.  They've scattered things between WAY too many forums for the number of users/posts, and the search sucks, so it just isn't very useful.

   But OpenPilot is only a stabilization board, it's not actually an autopilot.  They've spent all their code space (memory) on the current hardware, so it probably won't be until the next hardware version until they actually incorporate true autopilot functionality.  All the current users will be left behind with just a stabilization board.  It's a shame their code isn't tighter because the hardware is way better than the APM.

how are it sepouse to react on the ground what i ment by it , will i be able to use the controls servos mine went dead when i activate it.

if i read from the wiki they say you will be able to maneuver it plane but i do not have authority over my servos when geofence  is active

Hi Andre,

If you have no control then that means the plane thinks it is outside the fenced area (either by GPS position or altitude). It will have switched to GUIDED mode and will be trying to fly to the fence return point.

The idea is to only enable fencing once you have taken off and are flying inside the fenced area. If you want to takeoff with fencing enabled then you would need to set the minimum altitude of the fence to zero, but that will disable the ability of the plane to prevent crashing into the ground.

Cheers, Tridge

PS: Sorry for being slow to see this thread, I've been off sick for a bit

Thanks that make sense will go do another test

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