Georeferencing (potential bug)

Hi, I'm running Mission Planner 1.3.28 build 1.1.5624.13992.  I have been collecting aerial photographs with the Iris+ running ArduCopter V3.2.1 on the PixHawk.

When georeferencing the images, if the check box next to "Use AMSL Alt" is CHECKED, I get relative altitude values export to the EXIF headers.  Values such as 49.8 and 50.2 when I have been flying at 50 meters above launch.  If the check box is UNCHECKED, I get altitudes saved to the EXIF that are closer to real world altitudes.  It seems the check box is configured backwards?  Perhaps the writing of the log files have changed and flipped the values?

The issue occurs using either BIN or Tlog files.


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  • Developer

    there is a bug in MP that swaps the output. the current beta MP fixs this.

    • Thanks Michael.  We all really appreciate this awesome software.

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