I built my own controller by using Simulink, and I would like to get local postion of my Quadrotor.

To achieve this, I am trying to use uORB Read Topic block.

I tried three msg file for uORB block, 'vehicle_local_position', 'ekf2_innovations', and 'filtered_bottom_flow'

However, it seems that those functions do not retrive correct data.

Data from 'vehicle_local_position' do not show smooth and continuous data and not accurate.

Likewise, 'vel_pos_innov' data from 'ekf2_innovations'  shows inaccurate data.

Also, 'sumx' and 'sumy' data from 'filtered_bottom_flow' only generate 0 values, even though flow sensor works properly.

I attached result image of 'vehicle_local_position' and 'ekf2_innovations'  

Please explain the way how I can get accurate local position data from Simulink.

Thank you.

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