Xbees are configured, talking fine via x-ctu.  Re did my wiring again taking out osd and connecting directly.  I get the following SEE SCREENSHOT.  FTDI cable direct to xbee  and usb to xbee rx -nothing, fine when connected x bee via usb.  WTF?

I keep thinking I am doing something wrong, but really I am not an idiot, surely if this is an issue for me someone else out there must have had these issues...  Any help would be much obliged.  Can I chop a 4 wire usb cable and connect to APM2 via usb adaptor?

connect error.jpg

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  • UPDATE- I recieved my new xstream adaptor, and after unbricking everything, All is working again. It has to be the ftdi adaptor  I am connecting my OSD, in a few minutes, and after that I am not touching anything. 3rd try is the charm:) Crash and Burn! I will be rewiring power distribution, as I am running too much off one esc/bec, but its working!  Thanks Ellison for the tips.

    +1 Ellison...

  • 900s  It stops on the sys id then cannot connect


  • 3D Robotics

    Are you using the 900Mhz Xbees? I'm not seeing any issues at all with them here. The 2.4s are a mess, however. 

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