I am trying to access pixhawk data through mission planner over TCP.  I am using RPI 3 for doing this.

I have downloaded the Rasbian Jessie OS and installed all the necessary software packages as mentioned in the  website(link:http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/raspberry-pi-via-mavlink.html) . I have connected my RPI3 in telemetry port 2 of pixhawk. i can access all the data like mode, arm etc through PUTTY using SSH connection. I can even able to change the  modes or arm the vehicle using SSH connection. I have connected my RPI3 and computer in same network. 

I can able to get my TCP or ip address of RPI3 along with port no. but whenever i am trying to connect mission planner through TCP using the same ip address and port (same i am using in PUTTY) it is showing MAVLINK connecting, After this it is showing no heartbeats received.

i have tried several methods. can somebody help to connect with missionplanner through TCP using RPI.

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