hi all friends,
i have started to build my quad rotor with arduimu v2 flat,i was looking thruogh the code,initially i am using arduimu v2 flat as a main circuit board and future scope for magnetometer and gps module,and accordingly i set the parameters as follows: 

#define BOARD_VERSION 2 // 1 For V1 and 2 for V2

// Ublox gps is recommended!
#define GPS_PROTOCOL 3    // 1 - NMEA,  2 - EM406,  3 - Ublox    We have only tested with Ublox

// Enable Air Start uses Remove Before Fly flag - connection to pin 6 on ArduPilot
#define ENABLE_AIR_START 0  //  1 if using airstart/groundstart signaling, 0 if not
#define GROUNDSTART_PIN 8    //  Pin number used for ground start signal (recommend 10 on v1 and 8 on v2 hardware)

#define PRINT_DCM 1     //Will print the whole direction cosine matrix
#define PRINT_ANALOGS 1 //Will print the analog raw data
#define PRINT_EULER 1   //Will print the Euler angles Roll, Pitch and Yaw
#define PRINT_GPS 0     //Will print GPS data

but after compiling the whole program in arduino 0018 it shows the following error:
In function 'void setup()':
error: 'Analog_Reference' was not declared in this scope In
function 'void loop()':
In function 'void startup_ground()':

so where is the problem in the code and what i should declare.
please help me out.

thanks .

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  • hello answering myself:recently i downloaded arduino 0019 software and uploded same 1.7 ver code and the error is gone
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