Hey guys! So 2012 is going to be MyGeekShow’s year of “Technology Aided Flight” where I’ll focus on going from just flying around the field, to full FPV and waypoint supported autopilot. I’m doing some research right now into possible solutions, but would like any help you could provide in deciding which system might work best. A perfect solution would have the following characteristics:

FPV – First Person View transmitted to ground station
Sensors – Airspeed, Altitude, Heading, Watt Hours/Volt status, etc.
Flight Recording – Downloadable results from the flight
OSD – On Screen Display with sensors results
Flight Stabilization – Move control surfaces to improve flight stability
RTH - Return to Home failsafe
Waypoints – Appear on OSD
Autopilot – Complete flights to multiple waypoints
Ground Station Tracking – Ground station to track the airplane and control it’s tx/rx direction to improve RF strength

I’ve found plenty of websites that can provide the above equipment… but they are all separate components, and none of them really support a true autopilot (which in my mind means the aircraft can operate to multiple waypoints in succession). I was hoping that DIYDrones had a more integrated solution.

I’m not asking someone to do a bunch of homework for me, but if you know of a project that someone has completed that has simlar capabilities, or a website(s) that would help me find what I’m looking for, it would help a lot!

Thank you for your help,


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Thankfully Mike Pursifull saved from public embarassement by providing an excellent overview of these functions and how in the end, its up to me to integrate these componants together.

Thank you Mike Pursifull for your help! And that you all for your patience. I'll get there somday, just be patient!


I have to suggest the Ardu-Pilot Mega,

Based on price, features, expanablility, simplicity, and community involvment APM is my #1 choice!

I have flown a few airframes with the same APM after changing configurations and they all work awesome! (Stabilization and FBW has saved many planes!)


APM can do all of the things you are looking for, including Camera tracking/gps shutter control i beleive.

I would say ArduPilot Mega is a great choice for the same reasons as Anthony Bee mentioned, but there are also other boards such as GluonPilot which has a build in OSD/telemetry and great flight recording features, amongst all the other features you are looking for.  An OSD for APM is coming soon though.


If you need any more info about any of the boards, particularly gluonpilot just let me know as we have plenty of experience with it.



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