Giant Stik (Great Planes) 26cc Zenoah Drone

I am building this arduplane for interest sake to achieve two targets:

1. For long range performance beyond 100km (return). Auto mission.

2. For high altitude flight upto 5000m (16000 feet,approx)

Once these two are achieved then I can go to the next steps of its applications.

Specs :

Airframe : Giant Stik (Great Planes)

Engine : Zenoah 26cc gasoline

APM 2.5

Radio 14MZ

Tank options: 1L and 2L

Currently, it is flying a simple mission without any flaws. No problem with vibrations at all. Manually I have flown 40mins covering a distance of 70km consuming roughly 700ml gasoline.




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  • Is this even Legal? Not in my country, I don't think 

  • Nice project!

    I'm also building a gas powered plane with 2,6m wingspan, for carrying big sensors/cam.
    Nice hear that vibrations wasn't a problem. Could you show how mounted your AP, damping solutions cabling etc?


    • Damping.....I just cut a piece of common sponge about 1.5cm thickness and glued the sponge to the flat floor of the airframe using hot glue. The APM is then placed over the sponge using hot glue as well. DO not use double sided tape, it wont stick.

    • nothing special actually. COnnect the basic ch1 to ch4 to the input part of APM, and one extra channel to input part of ch8 of APM. Output part of APM...also basic ch1 to ch4 to respective servo.

      Flaps and brake, I connect direct to Rx. Batt, I use a single 3500mah,2S lipo connect to a BEC, with two outputs. One to Rx,the other one to any channel at the output part of APM. THe rest quite std, the GPS etc.

      Difficult part is to get a linear throttle rpm. u need to know ur idle rpm and ur max rpm of the engine. The keeping ur throttle stick at 50%, u need to lock the pushrod controlling the carb at the mid throttle ( mid between idle and max rpm). That way u will get a linear throttle response. Then do the radio calibration at mission planner. 




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