Hi all,

I'm hoping to get some help on this issue, since I've been battling it a long time now. My Arducopter is doing the flips on start up so I decided to go to CLI and try to check the motors etc, however, all I get from the CLI after Opening COM Port is gibberish. I have attached a screenshot below.

I do not think its a baud rate issue since I have tried using the serial monitor in Arduino IDE to read the port at all the different rates to no avail. 

Does anyone have any idea whats going on and how to fix it? Thanks in advance! 

PS: I'm running windows on bootcamp from a Mac with APM Planner 1.1.28 and using 2.4Ghz XBees on a mega2560 APM1 board.

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It is not gibberish. For us humas it is but for ground station it is not. That feed is MAVLink data feed that starts immediately when you start your electronics. 

Awhile back we made change on main program code and removed switch use totally on CLI, just hit 3 times ENTER as soon as you can see first texts coming out from APM.

Also check that you are on correct baudrate. When you powerup APM, you should see at least few readable lines like this:

"Init ArduCopter V2.2 b4

Free RAM: 1305
FW Ver: 114

UŸíU"d'`è«%Init GyroURµU"d'`èÿµ**Ué‚U"d'`è`\***U ÈU

And then gibberish will continue more.. Actual text maybe change a bit depending on software version. 

Thanks Jani,

The thing is I dont even see the first few lines. And if I hit enter or try to type anything at all, APM Planner freezes. The only way to quit then is to close the command prompt.

Is CLI only meant to be used over the usb connection? Can it be used with wireless telemetry?

We had it on telemetry too but not sure if it's not activated as default due differences on APM1 and APM2.

USB port works for guaranteed. So you might check that too.

that ss shows the wrong baud. 115k is the right setting. Try the three enters and this baud. Maybe you overlooked it.


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