Can anyone point me where to dig into the gimbal code?  I am considering building a small gimbal for my FPV quad (see this thread for reference), and would like to use the built in gimbal controls on the APM.  However, the way that this simple gimbal works, servo mixing would be required since both servos are used for both axes.  I think that it would simply be a change in the math on the servo output - I really wouldn't need to modified how the gimbal control laws operate.

So, in sum, where should I started looking and tweaking?  I haven't been able to find anything in the source, but I am somewhat  novice in changing this code.



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Sorry.. this is what I am trying to build:

And I want to use my APM2 to control it

That's a neat little "gimbal" thing. You can get the source code for ArduCopter from the Google Code site for the project.

Most people use the Arduino IDE but there are other options available if you don't like it.

I have tinkered with the source code for troubleshooting a bad APM but not sure where exactly the gimbal code is, but it's there somewhere!

Thanks,  I do have the source code.  I was hoping for some pointers on where to attack the gimbal code.  Maybe it's more of just adding a servo mixer code than modifying the gimbal code.

I am not really a programmer, but I have an idea on how the actual mixing should work.  I would think that there is already existing code that should exist since the Arduplane project for sure would have servo mixing.

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