I'm attending a UAV's master in Madrid Spain. We're starting to make our thesis, consisting in a real flying fixed wing drone.
We thought about using a Pixhawk as the autopilot, since it seems to be he most complete and suitable hardware for our project. We will use a Skywalker X8 foam plane as a platform.
We need to mount a gimbal with a camera at the bottom of the X8, and the mission consists in flying around a target while pointing the camera to the target the whole time.
Is the Pixhawk capable of doing this using the gimbal to point the camera? I know there is an order when planning the mission called "Do-Set-ROI" and I've ssen it working in a multicopter, but I don't know if it works with a gimbal installed in a fixed wing.
If so; can you recommend me a gimbal compatible with the Pixhawk?
Thanks a lot!

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