• the Z1 gimbel out there, money well spent...I fiddled for months with alexmos and storm32 and countless other gimbals and never got thjem to work right, there was always something....

    this one works right out of the box, no tuning...

  • That one pictured above typically comes with a not quite authorized copy of the Alexmos firm, and it works very well.
    The Tarot gimbal has an entirely different hardware and a better spares and service support. It is probably the best Gopro gimbal around right now.
  • 3692906723?profile=originalI got one from Amazon $100.

    It came with no manual, for a little more I would pay a little more for Plug-n-Play.

    But it works very good for the money.

    I also used it on my quad before I made it an 8X.

    • William, for your $100 eBay gimbal, are you just using this for stability, or are you actively controlling the pan and tilt?
      • Yes just for stability. Works great.  I dont have enough channels to add gimbal control.

    • Tarot gimbal on 3DR X8 (2013).

      I made a mounting plate for the Tarot gimbal V2, the space between the top and bottom plates of the X8 is good enough to fit it in there.  Works fine so far.


      • I just got one of these Tarot gimbals working on my copter and it seems to be going great.  Completely plug and play with my GoPro 3+.  Would definitely suggest this gimbal.

      • Looks nice!!

        I also have a X8 with Tarot gimbal.Where can I buy one these plates :-)?

        • I cut it with laser in poliestiren board. I can email you the .eps drawing file if you want.

          • Hi,

            I am interested in the EPS drawing file. Would you still be able to email it?

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