• I might be interested too

          • I am interested as well, that looks like an elegant solution.

          • If possible I would also like to pay you (through paypal?) to cut it and send it to me by mail. Would that be an option for you?

            • Sorry for replying so late.  

              For sure I'll cut it and send it you.

              I'm Colombia (south america) and the shipping is ridiculous expensive ($70 shipping to USA !!!).

              But my brother in law will be in Orlando FL in april 21st, so he could ship the plates from there. 

              Let me know, I'll gladly send the plate.

              $10 + shipping (I think the shipping will be around $3).

              • I am living in the Netherlands. Any idea what shipping will be?

  • I'm planning to use a 3DR 8X for aerial photogrammetry. I would like to use a Canon SX280 or Sony NEX, does anyone  know what gimbal could I use with the 8X ?

  • Hi Mark,

    here's a discussion regarding a gimbal on a Y6. would be fine for an X8:

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