Gimbal for thermal inspection with Flir Vue Pro Radiometric and onboard 10x zoom camera

Termografia aerea con droni per termocamere flir tau e flir vue

3 axis gimbal for Flir thermal cameras

Gemini IR-HD is a professional 3-axis gimbal for aereial inspection and survey with onboard FullHD 10x zoom camera able to support Flir thermal cameras Gemini IR-HD is compatible with any drones that that can support its small weight and size.Stabilized and controlled by 32bit controller, it provides smooth, clear imagery and 360 degrees continous rotation movement.

Thermal imaging drones gimbal for glir tau 2 and flir vue pro

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Main features:

This gimbal is designed to work with any kind of drone, it does not require any type of configuration, you just plug & play.

  • 3-axis gimbal 360° continous rotation movement, +60°-90° Pitch
  • Support Flir Tau 2, Tau 2 Thermal Capture, Vue, Vue Pro
  • Supported flir lenses: 7.5mm, 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm
  • FullHD 10x zoom camera 4.9-49mm with onboard SD-card recorder
  • Dual video out: Flir + FullHD zoom camera
  • Total controll for cameras: trigger, rec/stop video, zoom in/out
  • SD Card video recorder for Flir Vue, Vue Pro/Flir Tau 2
  • Power 12V to 30V 800mah@25v
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Inner dual IMU for best stabilization
  • 32bit controller
  • Horizon computation.

gimbal flir vue pro zoom hd daylight

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Multifunctional gimbal Flir

Gemini IR-HD is a gyro-stabilized multi-sensor camera with onboard Full HD  x10 zoom camera and specific designed support and connections for Flir thermal cameras.

  • Solar pannel inspection
  • Serch and rescue
  • High voltage inspections
  • Wind turbine inspection
  • Surveillance
  • Fire Fighting
  • VOC & Gas Detection drones

more info:

Fabio De Matteis Sales manager
Skype: demarn77 from 10:00am to 17.00pm GMT Time
Phone: +39.0541.1790411 (int-1) from 10:00am to 17.00pm GMT Time

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