Hi all, 

I'm building up my quad with a tilt stabilized gimbal (HK) and a want to control the angle with a separate channel. The stabilization works ok when the servo is connected at ch.11 at the APM2.5 board, but adding the control channel (Input Ch8) gives a no go..

I've allready calibrated the channels, put in the parameters in the config.  The servo works ok in receiver channel 8 (not on the board), OR in option control channel 11 but not when input channel 8 is chained to the APM board..

Should it be possible to control the tilt angle with a separate channel and still keep it stabilized or are the channel 11 and the input channel on the board mutual exclusive?

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EDIT: Accidental double post, sorry.

I was wondering this as well. If this doesn't exist currently you should submit a feature request to the project. Here's the link for ArduCopter to submit issues and requests.


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