Give me some interesting questions that you have about multirotor UAVs

Hi all,

I'm looking for some interesting questions to solve as part of my research for school. As operators/builders/enthusiasts of UAVs, particularly multirotors, what questions do you have? Here's a partial list that I've collected so far that I'm interested in so far:

•How do you pick a multirotor propulsion system to minimize mass to accomplish and a goal (hover/cruise endurance, some mission, achieve some climb rate, etc)?
•What is the best battery configuration for endurance on a multirotor given a propulsion system (e.g., 4s8p)?
•What is best octorotor configuration (*8, X8, square, ring, etc.) to be single unknown fault tolerant? What about with non-coplanar rotors?
•What is best hexarotor configuration to be single fault tolerant? What about with non-coplanar rotors?
•On a fixed pitch multirotor with a wing, what is best wing (incidence, span, chord) for endurance? Range?
•For a direct force control (hexarotor like Cyphy LVL1), quantify gained/lost hover efficiency relative to vertically oriented rotors in hover, cruise, climb, etc
•What does spin direction configuration on a multirotor affect?

•Quantify impact energy at terminal velocity for different types of vehicles. Best and worst case. Use wind tunnel data.
•How high can each type of vehicle go before reaching unsafe energy at ground level? Limit to quadrotors with wind tunnel data? Estimate others?

Thanks, looking forward to your questions!

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