Hey guys,
Im new to this site but not to the Radio control world. Ive been flying radio control planes for over 10 years and compete on a weekly basis in the south in both freestyle and IMAC competitions. I have vast knowledge of the radio world and can be of help to anyone that needs it that flys airplanes. Anyway...

I saw that there is no real global hawk kit. Anyone interested in one? If so what size?

I have CAD on my computer and am more than willing with alittle time to put together a design and talk to my laser cutter into building us some kits. I can build the kits in house for a small number of buyers.

For where I fly ill be building a big plane. Thinking about 100" span, carbon fiber wing tube, electric ducted fan setup, with a 5s5000 mah pack(I have 4 from my large 3d planes). This will be a good start. I run only hitec and Jr equipment. I do not rub futaba. Some may but I grew up jr. My radio will be a jr 9303 2.4 ghz reciever.

Im new to drones but not to rc planes and kit building.

Let me see some interest and ill work some magic.

My e-mail is fish2keel@yahoo.com if interested write me specs and tell me if your interested in this build


p.s. im attending embry riddle studing international security and aviation to build/fly drones

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There's a foam kit you can buy with a ducted fan. It's not very big, however.
I saw that kit and also yours/someones post on it. Im very disapointed in the quality of the kit. Although when I go to singapore in a few weeks and ill stop by and check one out.

I saw that nitro planes has a predator but since ive been in the hobby for so long I stay far away from nitro planes. Id much reither build my own.
I think less is more.

To my mind the most successful designs will end up being sub 5kg perhaps sub 2.5kg.

When regulations are better defined I think they will close the door on big stuff.

But that said, 100inch Global Hawk would be cool!!
100 inch is to big in my opinion , 80 inch is more reasonable.
Im still playing with the design aspect but the inches can all be adjusted. 80 inches is well within reach
Yes, oh hell yes! I would pay for a good 80"-100" global hawk!

You just let me know!
I would be interested in a kit in the 100"-110" area. Probably to early to tell but a projected cost?
William, any more thoughts on the big global Hawk? I would be very interested in the kit or what ever form you make it.
I would also be interested in this kit, although would be even more interested in a little smaller version like the <80"
Hey Will,

How is it looking? Think you have enough interest? PPPPLLLLEEEESE!
Good morning folks!

Will, we have not heard from you in some time. Everything ok?

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