Global hawk?

Hey guys,Im new to this site but not to the Radio control world. Ive been flying radio control planes for over 10 years and compete on a weekly basis in the south in both freestyle and IMAC competitions. I have vast knowledge of the radio world and can be of help to anyone that needs it that flys airplanes. Anyway...I saw that there is no real global hawk kit. Anyone interested in one? If so what size?I have CAD on my computer and am more than willing with alittle time to put together a design and talk to my laser cutter into building us some kits. I can build the kits in house for a small number of buyers.For where I fly ill be building a big plane. Thinking about 100" span, carbon fiber wing tube, electric ducted fan setup, with a 5s5000 mah pack(I have 4 from my large 3d planes). This will be a good start. I run only hitec and Jr equipment. I do not rub futaba. Some may but I grew up jr. My radio will be a jr 9303 2.4 ghz reciever.Im new to drones but not to rc planes and kit building.Let me see some interest and ill work some magic.My e-mail is if interested write me specs and tell me if your interested in this buildThanks,Willp.s. im attending embry riddle studing international security and aviation to build/fly drones

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  • Good morning folks!

    Will, we have not heard from you in some time. Everything ok?
  • Hey Will,

    How is it looking? Think you have enough interest? PPPPLLLLEEEESE!
  • I would be interested in a kit in the 100"-110" area. Probably to early to tell but a projected cost?
  • Yes, oh hell yes! I would pay for a good 80"-100" global hawk!

    You just let me know!
  • 100 inch is to big in my opinion , 80 inch is more reasonable.
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    I think less is more.

    To my mind the most successful designs will end up being sub 5kg perhaps sub 2.5kg.

    When regulations are better defined I think they will close the door on big stuff.

    But that said, 100inch Global Hawk would be cool!!
  • Chris,
    I saw that kit and also yours/someones post on it. Im very disapointed in the quality of the kit. Although when I go to singapore in a few weeks and ill stop by and check one out.

    I saw that nitro planes has a predator but since ive been in the hobby for so long I stay far away from nitro planes. Id much reither build my own.
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    There's a foam kit you can buy with a ducted fan. It's not very big, however.
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