Has anyone tried to remove the IR filter from their HD Hero camera? I wan to try and take near IR pictures with my Gopro but I am reluctant to crack it open without knowing if it has been done before.

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I broke my first one my dropping it on a tile floor - shattered the lens into hundreds of pieces. When I opened it up, I discovered that the whole lens+CCD asembly is VERY tightly glues and screwed together. It's extremely difficult to get into it without breaking something.

given the cost of the camera, I'd STRONGLY advise against doing it since there's a reasonable chance you'll break it during the process.

check out the lucid science website. They have projects on how to convert cameras to IR. They also have plans to make IR illuminators. Its a cool site with hacks and other projects.

Wondering how you got on with this?

I didn't dare open the GoPro up so I waited, hoping that someone would introduce a hackable camera. My prayers were answered with this, https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11418 .

I just received my first one. I plan on using this one "as is". After gaining some knowledge with it, I plan on obtaining a second one and voiding the warenty to remove the Near IR filter. Only two screws hold the lens on, very easy to remove. The price is more manageable too.

It might take some trial and error to get it working properly for two reasons. Infrared travels through glass different than visible light so it will focus differently and removing the hot mirror changes the focus as well (replace it with a glass infrared filter). I've converted a few cameras myself that were older like a Sony MVC-CD300 and had a Canon 20D converted by LifePixel. Infrared photography is a lot of fun! When you get things working I'd love to see the results.

You will also need a visible light filter.  I made a Near IR camera out of a Canon Powershot A540 a threaded bayonet filter adapter and a 720nm visible light filter.  It worked well for shooting near IR and shot through smoke and haze like it was not there.  However post production of B&W and false color is required or you have basically a purple white video feed.   Unfortunately I sold it a year ago.... 

thanks for that.  How did you trigger the camera?  I want to take shots of crops and pasture and then post process the results.  Hence my preference for a Go Pro with its ability to take multiple timed shots.

you hack the Canon firm with the Chdk and have timelapse .)

Here may the best choice for using in UAV!


thanks for the link the XNiteCanonSX230NDVI 3-Band Vegetation Stress Remote Sensing Camera could do the  job if it would time lapse.  I'll do some more research.


many thanks

Sure! it can if you install the CHDK as well!


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