Google Maps blurry at zoom with update of MP (v1.3.14)

I've heard of this before but I don't remember the solution, when I try zoom greater than level 17 or 18 using Google satellite or hybrid the photos are blurry, whereas with Bing maps they are sharp at high zoom levels. Google satellite used to be sharp before the update.

Anyone know the solution?

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  • I have blurry zoomed in images too. I think it might be a Google issue. When I go to google maps, I can't zoom in as much as I used to. So MP is trying to zoom in when google won't provide the next tile.

    Why do you get to fly so much? Are you doing pipeline work?
  • I have had difficulties since with anything after v1.3.10. The advice of the developers is always a clean install. I find the .msi works best. But that solution has not helped on any of my issues. 1.3.10 seems to work fine for me. I'll stick with it until I see the complaints on the new releases die down.

    • Not correct. That problem starts and remains in .11 and above. I thoroughly tested .10 for fixed wing issues that would affect the things I do/need and so far no issues.
      It would seem that MP is optimized for copter guys.
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        Actually MP works very well with planes, I don't know of much that is geared specifically towards copters.

        .10 was the last version that I had no problems with, the RSSI values disappeared with .11 but are back with .13/.14.

        • Btw, I never said it didn't work well for planes??? Optimized was the word.

          You may not use all the features. Don't do a pre-flight calibration unless you want surprises. Check you meters vs feet too.

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            No, not all the features :) but I fly 40-120km EVERY single day/night, seven days a week, weather dependent up to 25km distant and have been for the last 5 months clocking up over 5000km (3100+miles), while using live video feed on a pan & tilt gimbal so I suspect I know the MP fairly well by now.

            I read about the pre-flight calibration problem but haven't really been using it, just used it when the airspeed values were unreasonable, won't again though until it's resolved. I didn't notice the meters/feet change as I use meters/km as default but in my case there was a negligible change from km/h to m/s with the .11 update.

            OK, back on topic, is anyone else getting low resolution Google Earth tiles?

      • Thanks for the correction, I should verify before I post but I was too lazy.
    • I believe .10 has the Preflight Calibration issue where it resets the accelerometer to a new level.
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