I'm looking for a camera gimbal that fits on the 3DR Frame and can hold and stabilize a GoPro 3. I'm looking to use this setup for filming aerial shots for a number of short film projects. 

Can anyone recommend anything on the market? I have done my own research but am still unsure of any option that would work well with my frame. 

My budget is about $200 so if anyone has made anything work or has any suggestions it would be a great help. 


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Something like this is probably the best option. With servos it will be around $100.


It will take slight modification to mount to the 3DR frame. I have one on a UAP1 frame which it bolts to without modification.

their landing legs look cool as well.. wondering if anyone has ever try adapting one of theirs on the 3DR HEXA body ?

I wouldn't recommend the quadframe gimbal. I've wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work well, and have pretty much given up. Seems there's always a certain amount of slop in it which translates to wobbly footage, and it doesn't have a very large range of movement either.

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