This video shows how to open up a GoPro:

My particular GoPro didn't allow me to solder in the same spot, but every go pro has basically the same shutter button. Under the shutter button are two concentric circles. The middle circle is power, and the outer circle is ground. When you push the button, the circuit is closed.

You can solder a wire to each circle, and run the wires outside of the GoPro. When you touch the wires, the circuit is closed, and the shutter is triggered.


Dimension Engineering makes a great little PWM-activated relay (they call it PicoSwitch):

You attach the hacked GoPro wires into the PicoSwitch, and attach the PicoSwitch servo connection to servo 10 on the PixHawk.

Then go to Mission Planner and navigate to Initial Setup -> Optional Hardware -> Camera Gimbal and make the following settings:


I set channel 7 parameter for camera trigger, and set switch SH on my Taranis to channel 7. SH functions more like a push button than a toggle switch. Works like a charm.

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  • Common shutter cameras works with 5 v? or different cameras have different v?, perhaps this switch is usefull too

    Thank's for share your idea.

  • This is a great solution! This would also work for other more expensive cameras if they have infrared remotes that have a similar ground and power buttons. 

    ***I have attempted to do this myself and wanted to note for others that if you are using a pixhawk you must get a 5v UBEC to power the servo rail on the Pixhawk to then give power to the Picoswitch which is plugged into it. *** 

    Check out:

    This may be obvious to some, but I was unfamiliar with the Pixhawks power system.

  • Just a heads-up, guys:


    While I've had no problem triggering my GoPro via Tx, I'm having issues triggering by CAM_TRIGG_DIST (the command commonly used for aerial mapping via Mission Planner's Survey Grid tool). I'm still working on it, but it looks like it may be the result of GoPro software limitations. Although the GoPro has no problem taking time lapse photos every 0.5 seconds in time lapse mode, when the GoPro is in camera mode, the GoPro seems to need an awful lot of time between shots...

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