GPS 3D "dgps" ??

So I ordered a new GPS module to pair with my PXFMini which is sitting on a RaspberryPi3 B+....  Took a bit of doing but I finally got it all configured nicely, no more compass variation errors, heading looks to be representing the true heading, GPS locks quickly and averages about 8 to 9 satellites.  Finished up this afternoon and decided to put the props on to do a run up test this evening.  When I booted up the RPi and connected through Mission Planner, everything was good, but I checked the status of the GPS as I always do in the flight status window HUD, and instead of 3D Fix, this time it is showing GPS dgps.

 I googled it and looked briefly at the results but as far

 as I can tell, it is something that would be impossible for me to have... right?  Isnt it some sort of personal GPS Satellite essentially?  Anyways, it is steady still showing the same status.  I am scared to go fly it now as I am worried that t

here is a problem with the GPS.  Can anyone help to understand this problem?  Is this just a misrepresentation of status?  Any info would be very much appreciated. thanks


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