Good morning everyone.

I had a problem at the GPS during a flight near my home, I passed under high voltage cables and bumped a cable with the wing of my Bix3.

Right after my Frsky X7 started playing for low RSSI.
The APM went first in Failsafe Short (CIRCLE) [timeUS 818844522] and after 5 seconds in Failsafe Long (RTL) [timeUS 824018090].

Unfortunately the GPS went haywire and started to send the same position but the number of satellites drop to zero.
The plane started flying in the opposite direction to the home location for 5km until the end of the battery.

Luckily I had mount a GPS tracker and after an hour I managed to recover everything, with only some damage to the fuselage.

My question is, why if the satellite number was zero the APM did not put itself in CIRCLE?

This is a firmware bug or is a choice of software development.

I'm attaching the flight log.

Thank you all.

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