Using APM 3.2.1:

It is my understanding that if I am flying in AUTO MODE and have GPS failsafe set to "2" and the craft loses GPS, it will go into ALT-HOLD mode.  And it is also my understanding that it will not "leave" this failsafe mode unless it gets a signal from the ground to change MODEs, or another MODE change is triggered by yet another failsafe (such as low battery voltage).

Is there any way to cause the flight controller to resume the mission if the GPS signal becomes active again (when in AUTO MODE)?  This would seem to be a much better alternative than simply sitting in the sky waiting for the battery to run down.  

If the craft was out of radio range when the GPS failed, it would impossible for the operator to regain control, while continuing on with the mission would (supposedly) eventually get it back in range and possibly result in a completed mission.

Resuming the mission if the GPS signal was regained would seem to be a better alternative.  Does anyone know how I can force this action?

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