GPS Glitch / Loss of GPS

Hi all, 

I'm having a GPS issue. 

The problem was identified during an auto mission. The aircraft started drifting so the mission was aborted. 

The logs reveal several GPS glitches (pic attached), but also complete, intermittent loss of GPS. It bounced from 12 satellites and 1.71 hdop to 0 satellites and 99.99 hdop several times within a matter of seconds. 

This configuration is flying successfully on other aircraft with the exact setup.

It seems like a hardware, either cable or GPS module, issue. The 6 wire cable appears to be in excellent condition. 

Has anyone seen a similar situation?

Intermittant GPS Loss.JPG

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  • When I've seen this sort of stuff it's been a loose connection in the cable. Maybe it's being powered on and off with a faulty connection. The GPS modules wouldn't do this if they were continuously powered and connected.  

    • Thanks Drew, I'll focus in on the cable and let you know what I find. 

      • It turned out to be a faulty GPS module. 3DR RMA'd the unit and the replacement GPS is working. 

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